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    August 08, 2020
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  • What Ascension DIDN'T Tell You - APR-RN Negotiation Update
    Updated On: Jul 22, 2020

    Ascension sent a letter and email today from Chris Palazzolo and Deb King; both have NOT been in negotiations. Here is what they DID not tell you!!

    Ascension continues to fight and refuses to move off of every other weekend language after accepting every third weekend on that we proposed.

    Ascension continues to want to mandate ANY vaccine that THE HOSPITAL thinks is important!  You will not have a choice unless you can provide a doctor’s note and Ascension accepts the form you submit. 

    Ascension also did not mention their refusal to consider adjusting:

    • Weekend premium from $1.50 to $3.75 to encourage less call in and more willingness to pick up a weekend;
    • Shift differential for afternoons $1.75 to $2.25 and nights from $2.25 to $3.00;
    • On call pay from $4.00 to $5.00 with a call back three hours VS two hours;
    • Precept pay from $.75 to $1.25;
    • Pull pay $3.00 for people willing to be taken from their home unit and help another unit.

    Ascension will not remove the language stating your negotiation team must find a NON OVERTIME suitable replacement for themselves to negotiate - trying to break up your elected team.

    Ascension will not offer the “control group” short-term disability unless we allow the “control group” language, giving them complete control to change it any time, any way they wish.  We attempted to write the current policy into the contract and the hospital refused it and went back to current language of 28 day waiting period VS seven day written in the policy.

    Ascension is attempting to remove “certification pay” language, some members are still receiving this.

    Ascension is trying to remove retirement benefits (of only $75 month for 5 years to off-set medical benefits).

    The Union proposed Ascension to wave all deductibles and copays for services received at Ascension Rochester, Ascension refused.

    Union proposed a freeze in current health care benefits, copays, and deductibles with a reduction in the employee portion of the premiums - Ascension refused to move on any healthcare proposal.

    Union proposed that new hires would get holiday pay when off orientation and not have to wait 180 days to get holiday pay - hospital would not change it.

    Ascension refuses to add the procedure for offering “critical pay’ or open shifts to the contract.

    Union proposed an increase in critical pay from $10 (weekdays)  and $20 (weekends) an hour to $15 and $30 to give incentive for more union RNs to make more money picking up extra shifts rather than having agency fill those spots.  This will also give the hospital incentive to fill open positions.

    Ascension reduced the shared cost for negotiations.  They claim it will speed up negotiations in the future, while they continue to drag their feet and stall during negotiations.

    Union proposed to allow vacation (non-prime time) requests two weeks prior to requested time; Ascension continues to want vacation time requested one week prior to schedule being posted.

    Ascensions wage last wage proposal

    Year 1. Market adjustment effective the first full pay period after ratification:

    All RNs below $29/hr receive the greater of a 3% increase or movement to $29/hr. No step movement;


    3% across the board wage increase for covered associates with 7 or fewer years of seniority as of the date of ratification. No step movement

    2.5% across the board increase for covered associates with more than 7 years of seniority as of the date of ratification. No step movement.

    Year 2: Effective the first full pay period one year after ratification:

    1.5% across the board wage increase. No step movement.

    For the life of the Agreement, there shall be a wage cap of $44.31.

    The Hospital will not hire a new nurse at a wage rate higher than a currently employed nurse with the same or similar years of experience.

    Union’s Last Wage Proposal

    On ratification of this Collective Bargaining Agreement the wage scale shall be adjusted for each Bargaining Unit Nurse’s full years of experience.  On the first full check after ratification, all Nurses at .9 status or greater shall receive a twenty-five hundred dollars ($2500) ratification bonus.  All other Bargaining Nurses will be paid a prorated ratification bonus based on their current point status.



    6 MONTH 3%

    1 YEAR 3%






















































    Ascension is trying to bust your union, they stopped collecting your dues just in time to send an insulting last “best” and final proposal….. do not fall into their trap! We are union strong! WE DESERVE A FAIR CONTRACT!!



    Your bargaining committee wants to go back to the table, we do not approve of Ascension’s bullying and insulting last best and final proposal.  They can move on issues and we know it.

    Your Bargaining committee,

    Jeff Morawski                 Jmorawski@opeiulocal40.org                 (586) 260-9572

    Jo Walker                        Jwalker@opeiulocal40.org                      (248) 431-0964

    Cassandra Bell              Cbell@opeiulocal40.org                            (313) 673-6676

    Becky Coppersmith     Becky849015@gmail.com                         (810) 797-2058

    Dean Shiff                    Deanshiff@yahoo.com                              (248) 425-2796

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